Colloidal Grouting Systems

Colloidal Mixers, High Shear Mixers Perth WA

The Wags Colloidal Grouting Systems series are heavy duty, high volume colloidal high sheer mixing grout plants for applications that require colloidal mixing like dams, tunnels, post-tensioning, underground mining and many heavy construction jobs. The Wags colloidal series easily mixes and pumps slurries of neat cement, fly ash, bentonite, microfine cements and post tensioning grouts.


  • Easy operation and maintenance optimal mixing quality with colloidal mixing technology
  • Production of stable homogeneous slurry
  • Reduction and prevention of sedimentations
  • Complete binding of the mixing water
  • Optimal fluidity of the slurry
  • Complete activation of themixing components
  • No agglomerates /clumps in the slurry

Colloidal Mixers in PDF

Grout Plant IS-60-E

Grout Plant IS-35-E

Grout Plant IS-80-E (150l mixer)

CM Brochure

High Pressure Colloidal

Grout Plant IS-38-E

Low Pressure Colloidal

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