Progressive Cavity Pumps

S’ Series Wags Progressive Cavity Pumps are used for a wide variety of pumping and transfer duties. They are found in tough rugged industrial applications handling anything from abrasive slurries, aggressive or reactive chemicals, to viscous liquids, oils, or suspensions and aqueous solutions at elevated temperatures. These Screw pumps contain a torsion free metal bonded stator for increased stator life, higher efficiency and per stage pressure.

Capacity Range 0.1 m3/hr to 250 m3/hr Temperature upto 120 C
Pressure Up to 48 Bar Viscosity 1,00,000 cP

W’ Series Wags Progressive Cavity pump possesses an idle pumping principal for handling substances of extreme consistency. To achieve this function the pump is fitted with alloy steel-stainless steel auger-cum-coupling rod, which pushes viscous substances into the pumping element i.e. helical rotor. For corrosive and hygienic application product retaining pockets are completely eliminated, avoiding bacteriological and chemical contamination.

Capacity Range 0.1 m3/hr to 175 m3/hr Temperature upto 120 C
Pressure Upto 48 Bar Viscosity 1,00,000 cP

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